The Value of Ten Hours…




I have always worked.  The kids went to daycare, before/after school, summer camps, and to visit their grandparents when they were not in school.  After work during the school year I would come home, fix dinner and help the kids finish homework.  Once dinner was done, and the dishes were in the dishwasher,  the nightly routine of getting ready for bed would commence.  I never questioned the routine which continued after Madison’s arrival.  I was always on the go, and I was always tired.  Morning drop off, work, afternoon pickup, Madison’s activities, and then bed.  I had it down, no big deal I was tired but I was doing it.

After my surgery this past summer I finally got to experience how the stay at home moms live.  I was able to drop Madison off at school, run errands, do things around the house (that my Dr would allow of course), pick her up and come home.  Now while I liked the time during the day, I found I lived for the time between picking Madison up and going to bed the most!  This extra time, or “Ten Hours” as I call it is what I am missing the most since I have returned to work full time.  Ten hours does not seem like a lot, but to me those ten hours are priceless!  Each day I was home by 3:20 PM.  Madison had a snack, we did homework, and we were always done before 5:00 PM.  Then I would cook supper.  I never felt rushed, never stressed.  If she had dance, soccer or swim no biggie I could do all of the above with time to spare.  Now that is definitely not the case.  I leave work at home, pick Madison up from school and I do not get home until 5:00 PM.  Madison sits at the table doing homework as I run back and forth between the stove and the table to help her.   The entire time I feel guilty because I do not have patience because I am so spent from the work day, and also because I cannot devote all of my attention to her because I am doing three things at once, and my mind is thinking of all of the things I still have left.  Before I experienced the blessed ten hours I would always tell myself its only two hours a day, its not that big a deal.  Now I would do anything to have those ten hours a week back!!!

Working Moms if you have a chance to enjoy the blessed ten hour please do so, but I warn you it is hard to give up.  To the moms that have found a way to spend those extra ten hours with your kids please know that I am super jealous!!  Now if only my company supported a thirty hour work week!!






Well it is hard to believe that the first full week of kindergarten is under our belts!!!! Many tears have been shed (only by me of course) over the past few weeks. It stared with orientation night…where I felt like the oldest person in the world. After all according to vital statistics the average age a person begins having children is 25. So I have a good 10+ years on the other parents. Self consciously I wonder if they are scrutinizing me, then I change into my “I need to look like the leading authority on parenting mode since I am older” mode. As the teacher went over all the things Madison would be learning over the next year I wiped away tears the entire time. When the first day rolled around she was so excited and happy, and I on the other hand was holding back tears. I rushed out so she would not see me cry and then I peeked in the window from outside her classroom for fifteen minutes because I just knew she would need me (but she didn’t). She was walked in every day by myself or her papa until the dreaded “independence day”!!! Independence day meant that she could no longer be escorted and had to walk in all alone. For the entire week prior to the big day I followed behind her as she made her way to class to make sure she knew the way. Luckily my hubby Danny took her that BIG day so I could avoid some tears (I was dehydrated by this point). She loves her school and has a pep in her step as she makes her way to class which makes me so happy, and sad!!! Being a parent is letting go a little at a time, and it really isn’t easy!14045932_10155182267987222_2004593360514854227_n 14053995_10155182267992222_8001973757013578586_n

ON THE WAY HOME..                                       FIVE MINUTES LATER